Swimming Pool Safety Winter Covers

We install winter mesh safety covers

swimming pool winter safety cover

Findlay Vinyl pool safety covers are some of the best on the market. Most inground swimming pools that are not installed with a power retractable cover are equipped with a winter safety cover. Though a pool safety cover can be installed and removed during the season, typically owners will install the cover in the fall when the pool is closed and then remove them in spring for the season. They are initially installed by placing brass anchors in the concrete or paver deck for the cover to hook to. The brass anchors are retractable and sit nearly flush to the deck when the swimming pool is open for the season. The cover is connected to the anchors with straps and springs every three feet, on all sides. The straps are adjusted so that the springs keeps the fabric taut. Winter covers are available in custom and stock versions. Learn more by clicking here.


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