Swimming Pool Safety Winter Covers

We install winter mesh safety covers

Luxury Pools installs the best covers on the market today. If a pool is not equipped with an automatic retractable pool cover (autocover) it will be outfitted with a winter safety cover. Although a pool safety cover can be installed and removed during the swimming season to completely secure the pool, most owners install their cover in the Fall when the pool is closed, then remove it in the Spring for the season. They are installed with brass anchors in the concrete or paver deck for the cover to hook to. The brass anchors are retractable and sit nearly flush to the deck when the swimming pool is open for the season. All of our covers are connected to the anchors with thick straps and double stainless-steel springs every THREE feet, on all sides. The straps are adjusted so that the springs keep the fabric taut. Winter covers are available for order in custom shapes designed and made for your specific pool or simply stock square versions. Learn more by clicking here.

swimming pool winter safety cover

Winter safety covers are a place many pool installers will go cheap to make their 'Package' cost less. It is an item that is not closely shopped or even considered by many 'will be pool owners.' The cost of a cheap pool cover can be 1/3 the price of a quality cover and will be thousands less. Most family’s will not initially notice its inferiority. Some of the shortcuts and differences that can make a cover cheap (beyond being a stock square cover) include: 4’ or 5’ strap spacing instead of 3', cheap mesh, non UV resistant mesh, galvanized springs versus stainless, no rub rails on the straps to preventing wear and fraying, and single layer straps. Beware of a cheap cover. It is very difficult to have a replacement made that match your original anchor points in the pool deck and ultimately will be much more expensive when the cheap cover only last a couple of years.


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