Why Fiberglass

Educated consumers are turning to fiberglass pools

Many of our installations are for homeowners who are installing a new pool for the second or third time. They have owned gunite and vinyl pools before and know all too well the headaches and COSTS associated with them. ‘We just want a fiberglass pool, it makes so much sense’ is a common statement we hear from customers.

Why not get it right the first time?


If you are shopping for your first pool, don’t make the mistake of learning about the differences in the various pool types the hard way. Our objective is to help you learn about the pros and cons of all pools so you can make your own educated decision. Our experience has been that a customer that has educated themselves on pool types typically buys fiberglass. A customer that has educated themselves on installation practices and quality standards lets us build their pool.

Speed of installation

Perhaps the most impressive difference of our fiberglass pools over vinyl or concrete is the speed at which we can put them in. Your fiberglass swimming pool comes direct from our stock yard already plumbed with water returns, main drains, skimmers, spa jets, and even a water feature on some projects. The LED lighting as well as electric conduit is also installed. This means that in most cases you are swimming at the end of the FIRST day. Compare that to a concrete or liner pool that can take months to complete and during that time your backyard looks like a mess.

Smooth finish

Fiberglass swimming pools have a smooth clean gel coat finish that is non-abrasive and does not hold dirt, algae, or hurt your swimming suits or kids feet! This makes for an easy pool to clean and care for and no POOL TOE. There are no sharp edges or rough finishes. Compare that to some pebble pools that are so abrasive they can harm your skin.

Maintenance free

The gel coat finish on a Luxury Pool not only looks great, it's so easy to look after. The surface is smooth and non-porous so it cleans easily and is very stain resistant.

Low chemical usage

No one likes swimming in a chemical cocktail, but some pools require constant monitoring and expensive chemicals. Not so with Luxury Fiberglass pools. The surface is chemically inert so there is absolutely nothing in the pool surface that can alter the water chemistry. Hence, very low chemical usage and considerable cost savings on running your pool.

Great designs

We at Luxury Pools and Living pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of pool design and technology. All of our swimming pool shapes are new designs and reflect today’s forward thinking and architectural trends. No matter the flavor and style of your home our team will be able to recommend and assist you in designing the perfect pool style and living space.

Color range

The gel coat color of the pool gives your project the WOW factor. Though the sparkle and shimmer of the finish is difficult to capture with photography all of our pools have multi-color finishes with simmering sparkles that reflect the light. Similar to the finish of higher end fishing boats, the color has a depth and beauty unparalleled in the pool industry.


Whether you choose traditional chlorination, a salt chlorination, or ozone your new fiberglass pool will be compatible.


If you are getting other quotes, ask if a 35 year warranty is being provided on the structure of the swimming pool. Most vinyl pools are a prorated warranty. At best with a concrete swimming pool you will get a 10 year warranty – do you hope to have your pool last longer than 10 years? Want to know the real truth? ASK to read the warranty of each pool you are considering. In most cases you will find the warranty is nothing more than a piece of paper that excludes every problem that could ever arise.

Dispelling the myth

The most common myth surrounding fiberglass pools and propagated by installers of gunite pools or vinyl liner pools is that "Fiberglass pools pop or float out of the ground." When you are told this you should immediately ask just how a pool with 80 tons of water in it pops out of the ground.

The reality is that no pool type is better than the laws of physics. Any watertight object (a vessel) will float if there is more water under and around it than in it. Pools can only float when they are drained and the water under the pool exerts upward pressure because there is no water in the pool.

So why would you need to drain a pool? Gunite pools need frequent draining to remove cracks, acid wash, clean stains and re-plaster the pool. Similarly, vinyl liner pools must be drained to replace liners or repair liners. Fiberglass pools carry a 35 year warranty and never need resurfacing so there is no need to drain the pool. So the end result is that many more gunite and vinyl pools float than do fiberglass; don't be fooled. Want the truth? Ask the installer to see the agreement they use when they DO drain your pool for a liner or resurface job. You will be shocked to find that they assume no liability if the pool pops or fails.

As a matter of insurance every pool we install is equipped with a sump tube and dewatering system. If you are ever concerned with water under the pool the lid can be removed for simple viewing and drained if necessary.

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