Our Five Points Of Difference

What makes Luxury Pools and Living a different kind of pool builder?

When comparing swimming pool quotes there can be a lot of details to be on top of. Truth be told very few pool companies include all the pieces and parts that you're going to need to actually complete your project. We take pride in only presenting you with the ENTIRE cost for your project. This typically means we are at first glance $6,000 to $9,000 more expensive than other swimming pool installers. The reality is you can't get around these certain five items. We call these included items 'Our Five Points Of Difference.'

First understand that a premium fiberglass pool costs more than a vinyl pool as well as a budget brand fiberglass pool for no other reason than it's just better and therefore costs more to manufacture. We have found $2,000 to $4,000 is a typical difference. The remaining difference in quotes are a result of our 'Five Points'

Point 1 - Permitting and Inspections - $1,000

We take care of all the permitting needed. This is based on state building code and basic zoning compliance. For example - in the City of Columbus, Delaware County, Union County, or Upper Arlington the permit fee is around $400. Add the Electric permit at $100, time meeting with inspectors and the time spent to go through application process...you're into $1,000 without any trouble. Check out this nightmare swimming pool permit situation we had in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Point 2 - Soil Hauling - $1,500

Don't be fooled. Soil hauling is expensive. If you are told by a pool installer to get on Craig's List and find a dump truck 'Guy' to get rid of your dirt for cheap...RUN. This is a total lie. Not only will you have to get another piece of equipment (skid loader) out to LOAD the trucks, you'll also have to have a place to take the dirt. Take it much farther than five miles away, and you're going to be writing a bigger check. On average, it costs $1500 to get dirt trucked away. If he tells you to keep the dirt and re-grade your yard...beware again. Grading and reseeding a lawn typically cost more than trucking it.

Point 3 – Water - $900

I know, I know...It's a pool right! Very rarely will an install include water. They plan to have your hose run for 4-6 days to fill the pool. Don't get me wrong we occasionally top up with client's hoses BUT we are trucking in SEMI TRUCK LOADS of water to do the bulk of it. At $300 or more per load OR a stiff water and sewer bill...water is worth about $1,000

Point 4 - Electric - $3,200

We do the electric per code and the way we would want it at OUR house. We include a 120Amp electric panel upgrade on every project. Why? Because you need it. Very few homes are 'provisioned' for a pool even if the builder told you so. Our panel includes a timer, remote control and transformer for lighting, relays for future upgrades, a convenience plug outlet, and will support a heat pump, salt system, or any other option you may want to add today or down the road. We also run the conduit from your existing breaker box to your new pool breaker / control panel. Again...don't be fooled and talked into calling some 'guy' on Craig's list to wire up your swimming pool. Click here for a photo of an equipment pad.

Point 5 - Gravel - $1,900

This one is easy to miss. Quite often a swimming pool quote will note that 'gravel not included' or will mention that the first 40 tons is included and if more is needed it's the responsibility of the client. That's fine if you know that and want to provide gravel OR if your pool only needs 40 tons. Unfortunately few inground pools need only 40 tons. 60 to 90 is more reasonable. Also, if the contract includes sand RATHER than gravel...watch out...It will get the initial pool quote down BUT Sand will ruin and crush an in-ground pool wall. Crushed limestone gravel on a normal swimming pool project is going to cost about $1,900

Add the 5 points up

  • Permitting and Inspections
  • Soil Hauling
  • Water
  • Electric
  • Gravel
  • We've accumulated $8,100 from what a 'Low Ball' pool quote is and what the project really is going take to be completed properly.

Matthew of Luxury Pools gives you a tour of what a fiberglass pool installation should consist of. From pool steps and features, design / layout, to concrete, to equipment, to water features we cover it. Matthew goes in depth on each component - how we install it and why. Please excuse the WIND- It's a bit noisy, but hopefully you find this helpful.


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