Customer Testimonials

Michelle - Liberty Township

Working with you guys was great.... from you helping us with the design, Paul, all the way to the construction... Started the construction on a Tuesday and by the end of that day we had a pool in the ground with water in it- so....
Anything else?
Just the entire process was easy. We lucked out with weather and we had a pool ready to go- construction done in 3 days.
That's awesome!
The Crew was great! I feel like I made friends that 3 days because I was here watching and talking to folks and they were..... you couldn't have asked for a better crew. They were great.
Now we angled your pool.... we didn't run it parallel to the house so what did you think of that angling of the pools?
I think it turned out great... you come out of the steps from the back porch, walk out and it's right here. I can see it from the family room and the kitchen so the angle and where the view is - is just awesome. We can look out and enjoy it and not even be out here. It's terrific.
Thanks Luxury Pools!!

Jim B - Blacklick, OH

I absolutely love our Luxury Pool. I have owned both vinyl and concrete pools in the past and can tell you without a doubt this is by far the easiest to pool to own. With the Polaris cleaner about all I ever have to do is add chlorine tablets to the dispenser. Also thanks for taking care of the fence. I know that was not a warranty issue.

Greg M - Grove City, OH

Hi Matthew,
I REALLY appreciate you having our pump fixed under warranty! Another "rock star" customer service experience. I really want to try to pay back the great service with a GREAT reference to [another client] who is working with Paul on a pool project now.
I plan to call her this evening and schedule a visit. She lives on 5 acres in Sunbury and is really interested in seeing the Caribbean in a similar setting like ours.
Thanks again for providing great service!

The Horners - Alexandria, OH

My husband and I decided to put a pool in our backyard after the State of Ohio decided they needed a few acres of our beautiful, peaceful & private oasis for the new 161 freeway. As disappointed as we were to lose the property, it allowed us to achieve the dream of having our ultimate vacation spot without having to leave home. We contacted Luxury Pools and Living in Fall of 2011. They came out to the house and answered as many questions as we could think of. We met with Matthew and Jarrett in the design studio in December where they gave us great visuals of what our finished project could look like from many different perspectives – including from inside the pool. They were patient as I changed my mind multiple times about pool style, how much concrete deck, sidewalk or no sidewalk, etc. We were ready to “take the plunge” that day. The winter was very wet, but the project got underway in April as we had expected. It was completed by my first day of summer vacation. My husband and I are both very protective of our property and were concerned about the heavy equipment on our backyard - which after the completion of the freeway had become our “baby”. It was a construction site which requires a certain level of destruction, but it extended only as far as was necessary. We were both amazed at the speed of the project once the pool arrived. I went to work in the morning and had a pool filled with water by that afternoon. Our project foreman was friendly and very knowledgeable. He and all the others did a great job. Our pool is beautiful and we've spent every possible minute in or around it for the past three summers. We have had Luxury Pools open and close it every season because I don't trust myself to do it right. We've emailed them with questions about pool chemistry and cleaning questions. Matthew has been extremely helpful and quick to respond to any emails we've sent. Other than waiting a few months for the remote to arrive for our pool cover, we had no issues with the project. Not a huge problem, we had a key to open and close it. My husband and I still marvel at the performance of the pump that was included for taking water off the cover. Even after this winter, as harsh and cold as it was, as soon as the snow and ice melted enough for there to be water, the pump started right up and worked like a champ. We're already scheduled for our opening this spring. Can't wait for the first week of May to start another great summer with our pool!

Dave B - Hilliard, OH

Hi Matt
Thank you for you and your team. We are very pleased with the way the pool turned out. I will be sure to put all of our info in your system.
Thanks again,

Jason J - Columbus, Ohio

Hi Matthew,
First, I want to say how absolutely impressed I was yesterday. They came in with a mission and a schedule and made it happen. The placement was perfect, the filter was perfect, and the even let Alan and myself make some slight placement changes without hesitation. Everyone was professional and very courteous to both of us. I also want to make a mention of Kevin, that guy is amazing! He knows exactly what to do and how to manage the crew. I wish I had someone like Kevin in my company. Thank you for a very enjoyable experience.

Andrea and Gary C - Albany, Ohio

Thanks for all your hard work. Very nice crews and great job!
PS- Thanks for taking care of the pump too. You guys definitely know how to go above and beyond.

David K - Powell, OH

(The) pool is great. We knew it would be fun but never imagined how much fun it actually is! Thanks for everything.

Justin and Trella S - Lewis Center, Ohio

Matt, thank you for coming out to night. We learned a lot at pools school and you were very helpful. Gentle reminder: could someone bring out the pool net and brush as well as sync the pool lights? Thanks again and we'll look forward to using the pool.

J Carroll - Mansfield, Ohio

I am very happy with your service. Please don't change and become a 'typical scumbag' swimming pool company.
PS - Jarrett is top notch!!

Mike and Pam R - Grove City, Ohio

We absolutely love our pool. The kids, their friends, our friends all had a ball this summer. From a maintenance standpoint I cannot imagine it being any simpler to take care of. The equipment is extremely well thought out and easy to work on when needed. In retrospect, we may have added a bit more concrete and probably will have you guys back to do it.. or maybe a spa..
PS- Matthew, Thanks for coming out walking us through our first pool closing. Pretty simple process so we feel good that we can take care of it from here.

Jim - Lewis Center, Ohio

Hi Matthew,
Just wanted to send a note to say thank you very much for sending the tabbed owners manual and also a big thank you for the very nice pool towels! Nice touch of class and very much appreciated! We're loving the pool and hope you have a great week!

Debbie - Barnsville, Ohio

Thank you! I apologize for the confusion. Chris is here and he has some wonderful ideas that I am so excited about. I can't want for you to see your design go from paper to the real thing. I couldn't be more pleased. Again, my thanks.

Steve M - Marysville, Ohio

Great Pool - Love it.
Everyone great to work with.
Everyone very cooperative.
I would recommend Luxury Pools of Columbus. Would be happy to show our installation to any of your future potential customers.

Todd and Linda A - Columbus, Ohio

We are definitely enjoying the pool and the installation went very smoothly. I tell everyone you were like a fine oiled machine. We have given your company name to several friends and coworkers who are thinking about installing a pool.

Wendy S - Lewis Center, Ohio

It's been a while since you have heard from me so I thought I would drop you a note! I have figured out the pool and chemicals this year! Yeah! I have stopped checking the chemicals every hour on my days off and now check weekly and I'm able to keep it pretty balanced. I also had to empty some water with all the rain and was able to do that without calling you. I'm very excited to be able to upkeep the pool without hiring it done or calling you daily! We love our pool and thanks for your help! Have a great rest of summer!

Debrah A - Barnesville, Ohio

Wow! Sending the photographer is fine with me..just let me know when.....we love it! When we get this wedding behind us (its tomorrow) we'll get everything settled up...thanks again for all the awesome design ideas!

Michelle P - Blacklick, Ohio

Good morning Matthew, Quick question, again. I just want to make sure I am reading the manual correctly. We have the timer on the pump, can we set the heater and leave it on, to turn off and on when the pump does? We want to be sure we don't burn up the heater by leaving it on. And, thank you so much for the great customer service from you and your team! So far, the cover is working well. It's so much smoother!

Klay H - Blacklick, Ohio

Will get the payment over to you. Love the new pool chem calculator on the site by the way. VERY helpful!

Craig S - Pataskala, OH

Hey Matthew-
Looks like the crack is between the last two threads of the pipe. Looks like a fitting defect but who knows. Thanks for the quick repair!!

Ernie B - Newark, Ohio

Hi Matthew,
They did a really nice job on the pool. They left me some of the sealing materials so I'll make sure to reseal it in a few years.

Bruce W - Lexington, OH

Thank was a fun watching everything come together. WOW! Thank you for an awesome pool experience!

Mark and Lance - Worthington, Ohio

Hello Matthew,
We hope this email finds you well. Lance and I are very happy about the look of our new pool and were hoping to schedule a time with you to get together 'to go through the operation' of the pool and work toward getting it opened. Afternoons are best for us, but if you let us know a few times that work for you, we will make it work.

Craig S - Grove City, OH

Thanks Matthew!
This will be helpful. I put all 4 gallons of shock in and I am keeping the filter running on boost. I can see the pool shock is working already.
I will let you know how the scale remover works.
By the way, I am very impressed and thankful for your customer service. Very impressive that the owner takes the time to talk to your customers!
Thanks again

Susan B - Grove City, Ohio

Hi Paul, hope you're having a wonderful summer. Can you mail us the approval for the fence you obtained from the City of Columbus. Apparently that's all we need to do to get the Home Association to approve our fence. Thanks for your help. We are enjoying our pool sooo much. Our grandson had a wonderful birthday party. Best money we ever spent. Thank You.

Matt C - via email

I am very impressed with your company's approach. I really like that your company is willing to do everything from start to end. I have a hard time talking with other dealers when they ask me about upgrading pumps and paying extra for services like hauling and electrical. I believe you should only carry the best and should be able to complete all tasks. My only hold up now is the down payment, I spoke with fifth third and I think we will be set when ever we are able to give them 20 percent down. Thanks for your email.

Mark S - via email

Hi Paul, I want to thank you for keeping the job moving and let you know how pleased we are with the workmanship. Now with this party we have planned for this Saturday our hope is that concrete can be sealed, forms removed and pool detailed by Friday? Please!!!!!! What's your favorite drink? I'll have it ready!

Sal G - Cincinnati, OH

Thanks so much for all your crews hard work. Pool school was well worth the time. I was already impressed by the pool but now that I understand WHY it was plumbed and piped the way it was I am extremely pleased. You have clearly thought out every scenario and system detail in the control of the pool. I frankly didn't pay any attention during the estimating or construction as to what you were putting together. Thanks again and I can't tell you how much we love our Luxury Pool.


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