Servicing Your Swimming Pool Equipment

  1. Note the water pressure on your filter.
  2. Turn off your pool pump at the circuit breaker.
    We recommend that you do this by pushing the GFCI test button and then click the circuit breaker to the 'Off' position. This ensures the GFCI protection breaker is still working as intended.
  3. Turn off all of your 'Stops' or ball valves on both your suction manifold AND your return manifold.
    This will prevent the water from running back to the swimming pool and allowing air to enter the water lines. Allowing air into the lines will make for a harder prime up and restart.
  4. Open the pump strainer lid and clear any debris from the pump strainer basket. Replace the basket and leave the cover off the strainer.
  5. Open up the air bleeder valve on the filter canister.
    This will allow the water in the filter to run backwards and out the top of the pump strainer. This will aid you clearing the remaining debris from the pump strainer box.
  6. Once the strainer box is clear reinstall the pump strainer lid.
  7. Turn the drain to waste valve 90 degrees to allow the rest of the water in the filter to drain out. (the handle should be 'pointing' toward the filter)
  8. Remove the top of the filter canister and filter media cartridge. Clean or replace as needed.
  9. If solid debris is noticed in the bottom of the filter canister, remove the drain cap from the bottom of the canister and rinse out with a garden hose. Replace the cap when complete.
  10. Reinstall the replacement (or cleaned) filter back into the filter canister.
  11. Reinstall the top of the filter canister.
    Make sure the 'O' ring around the filter is clean of debris and has a layer of magic lube on it. Make sure the top is on evenly all the way around the seal.
  12. Inspect the chlorinator as needed. Salt - Inspect cell and screen if equipped. Chlorine Dispenser - Check to see adequate CL tablets are in the dispenser.
  13. Turn the pool pump circuit breaker back on. The pump will turn on and draw the water in the strainer into the filter.
  14. Open up both the skimmer and floor drain ball stops.
    This will allow the pump to pull water from the pool and fill the filter canister
  15. Close air release valve on the filter canister once water begins to squirt spray out. (usually 5 seconds)
  16. Close the drain to waste valve once the water flowing from it is clean and clear. (usually 3 seconds)
    This is your assurance no dirty water will not be sent back to your swimming pool
  17. Open the return manifold ball stops to allow the water flow back to the swimming pool.
  18. Note the pressure on your filter.

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