Why buy a fiberglass pool from Luxury Pools and Living

Deciding who to buy from is an important decision. Learn why Luxury Pools and Living may be your answer.

Most fiberglass pool manufactures and installers claim to produce and install the best quality pools. How do you really know what to believe? What really should matter to you as a pool owner? How can you really sort out fact versus fiction? Your pool represents a large investment, and you want to make sure you are selecting the best pool installer and manufacturer. We want to help.


The history of a company should be one of the first questions you address. The history and development in the swimming pool industry is a key factor to a builder being able to successfully complete your project. You probably would not trust an automobile repair shop that is 'just starting out' to repair your car. Shouldn't hands on experience and a proven success history of your pool installer be important to you? We have developed our business through hard work, outside of the box innovative thinking, and treating our clients the way we would want our family's treated. Read more about our history.


The team and people working on your swimming pool project should be top notch. We have hand-picked our team to ensure that only the best qualified people will work on your project. We employ our own people and do not use subcontractors. The people, equipment, trucks, and everything else belong to us. Our employment requirements are hard work, honesty, kindness, and dedication. Learn more about our people.

Pool Models

Luxury Pools and Living has hand selected and install only the best swimming pools on the market today. We have created a complete line of fiberglass pools that will fit any design and lifestyle. We have created our line based on not only the best designs but also the pools that create the best value to our customers.


The pool structure is the most important piece of your project. Without a strong pool the rest of your backyard living space may be compromised. All of our pools are constructed with the best fiberglass resins in the composite industry. These high quality raw materials enable us to provide a 35 year structure and installation warranty on every pool we install. Read more about our pool warranty.

Brilliant Color

All of our pools feature our Shimmer Finish color gel coat that will bring an unrivaled WOW to your backyard. Not only do our Shimmer Finish gel coats look great, but they also are stain and algae resistant. Even with a dirty pool the Shimmer gel coat is easy to clean and care for.


We sometimes joke that we are a transport company that happens to be in the pool builder business. Moving a swimming pool can be a complex process involving multiple state issued transport permits, escorts, specialized hauling and handling equipment, as well as a highly trained team to make it happen. We have developed our own process and equipment to ensure your pool arrives on time and safe. Providing our own transportation has enabled us to control the timing of the installation process and further increase efficiency.


The most important piece of any pool project is of course the installation. If an installer is using subcontractors to provide the work how much control do they really have? How strict are the tolerances for the install and who checks to make sure things are right? The subcontractor? Our secret to success is highly trained in house employees, owning our own equipment, and a strict inspection process. We will occasionally subcontract gravel delivery and water trucks but rest assure that everyone else on your project is part of OUR team. It's this control and strict process that enables us to provide a 35 year installation warranty on top of the pools structural warranty.


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