Luxury Pools And Living Opening Request Form

Important: Read This First!

The cost of a pool opening is $319.00 (plus tax), and must be prepaid after pool opening form submission. Pools with spa vessels will be an additional $99.00 (plus tax).*

Here is what is included in your pool opening:

  • Fill pool to proper water level with client's hose - time permitting
  • Remove and fold cover. (If you choose to do this yourself, the form will subtract $20)
  • De-winterize pool and equipment.
  • Start all equipment and test all for proper operation
  • Check for drips and leaks. Replace standard O-rings as required.
  • Reinstall ladders, handrails, return eyeballs, skimmer plugs, etc.
  • Initial clean - May need additional cleanings if heavily soiled (not included)
  • Initial chemical application - Shock and balancing - Typical quantities
  • Note: Gizzmo and plugs will be left for storage.
  • Clean up tools and trash.
  • Auto Covers:
    • Visual inspection of entire mechanism, advised to any parts needing replaced and, depending on availability, replacing on the spot.

What is NOT included:

  • Detailing pool or coping.
  • Cleaning vaults on auto covers
  • Setting up or adjusting pool timers / deck jets / lighting.
  • Getting water perfectly clear / balanced / swim ready.
  • A very dirty pool / algae filled pool will require additional cleaning / treatment. (floc and shock)

Note: Please make sure we have access to the pool, your hose to fill the pool, and your filter if it was kept on site.

*$319.00 (and additional $99.00 for spa vessels) is before options and tax, and based on clients within 50 miles. $1.25 per mile one way will be charged to clients after 50 miles, along with any extra and additional materials needed during the opening.

Why can't you call ahead?

It is our policy to schedule for week OF so that we can work around weather and work load of that route as needed. We don't know what we are doing that day nor what side of the state we are going to often until that morning of that day. As we navigate these factors the route is dispatched first thing in the morning. It is these dynamics that make calling ahead unrealistic. As the day goes on....very often it becomes necessary to reroute or change the job order due to trouble or additional work on another site. This would then mean we are recalling all the remaining clients on the reroute to 'reschedule'.

Can you teach me how to open my pool?

Our techs are great techs....but they are not trainers. That's not being mean....they are just not the folks we would put in a training roll. They are also not able to get their work done if they spend additional hours at each pool on training. If you need some guidance or a refresher please let us know we would be happy to assist.

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