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Understanding How Your Pool Works And How To Take Care Of It.

Owning your first swimming pool may seem a bit overwhelming at first. For most the mystery and unknown can be the worst and scariest part. It is truly an easy process once you get the hang of it.

After we complete your fiberglass pool installation we will schedule a time at your convenience to orient you with your pool operation and service items. To make sure you have all the information you need we have put together a video series below of the same pool school topics. Though this is exactly what pool school at your home consists of and likely could be viewed instead of pool school, we do recommend that you make time to work with us at your home as well in person.

First and foremost we would like to thank you for being part of our family and allowing us to help you build your fiberglass pool. In this video we will show you what comes with your pool to properly take care of it and clean it.

Understanding what each pipe and valve does on your equipment pad is important if you're going to be able to operate your pool. In this video we talk about where the water is coming from and where it goes.

In this video we will discuss where the swimming pool returns are and how the pool is circulating. In a basic pool the water is being pushed into the pool from the returns at one end and sucked out of the pool at the other end through the skimmer and or main drains (mass flow suctions)

A designated circuit breaker panel is an absolute must on your pool. In this video we will discuss what your installation consists of and how to operate it. From how to set your timer up, reset your GFCI, to controlling your lights we want to make sure you understand how to run and manage your system.

In this video we discuss taking apart your equipment. Breaking down your pool equipment in order to clean your filter is a pretty simple process if you follow these basic steps. The frequency will be based on how dirty your pool is and in turn how dirty your filter gets.

In this video we discuss how to clean your Luxury fiberglass pool. There are three basic steps in cleaning your pool. Brushing is our first step and sometimes if the pool is not too dirty can even be your only step.

The swimming pool leaf rake may be the most important tool you have for your pool. It will help you skim off leaves and floating debris but its main job is to remove debris from the floor of your pool.

After brushing and leaf raking your swimming pool the last step is vacuuming. In this video we will share the start up and breakdown process of the vacuum system.

In this video we show you how to test the three major components of your pool water: Total Alkalinity, pH, and Chlorine. Once you know what your water chemistry is our exclusive pool chemical calculator will tell you what you need to add and how much! It doesn't get any easier than that. Luxury Pools and Living Pool Chemistry Calculator

The most common problem that customers contact us about is there salt chlorination system and or their heater is not working. These problems are often found happening at the same time, and are a result of a lack of water flow to the devices. The most common cause of low water flow is a dirty filter. Other causes included full or clogged skimmer, pump basket, or salt cell screen.

Periodically you may need to clean your salt cell of calcium deposits. Though most cells with polarity reversing do a good job repelling most of the deposits from their fins, at least annually you will need to check your cell and clean it. This video will show just how to clean your cell.

To ensure that the salt cell is producing chlorine we are going to show you how to by pass the cell and visually watch the cell in action. Many pool owners believe that something is wrong with their salt chlorine generator because they do not have enough chlorine. In most case the water is out of balance OR needs SHOCKED. This test will positively show you if your system is making chlorine or not.

Deciding if an automatic pool cover is right for your swimming pool is a big decision. In this video we share the basic operation and overview on the benefits of owning one.

In general swimming pools can be heated very efficiently by using a heat pump. They are efficient because they are not making heat but rather moving it from one space to another, just like a heat pump (or AC) in your home. Unless you want to heat your pool in extremely low temperatures (in which case you likely would not be swimming anyway) a heat pump is the best option for cost effectively heating your pool.

Closing your pool is not hard to do...But it can be easy to mess up as well. It can be done in 4 basic steps. If you are thinking about closing your pool (DIY) this video will give you the broad overview of the process. Each pool is a little different and care should be taken to make sure that each line is clear and free of water as well as water features properly winterized.


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