Luxury Pools Fiberglass Styles


Square pools are by far the best value when designing and investing in a pool. If you want to get the most pool for the money, focus on a rectangle design. They simply hold the more water and give you the most area for the same money. Rectangle pools are also more conducive to an automatic safety cover installation. Most of our rectangle pools have multiple entry points for flexibility on the orientation of any layout and pool space.


Freeform pools are beautiful and have a naturally soft feel and vibe. If you're creating an organic design flavor or embracing a natural setting, you should consider the curves and radii of a freeform pool. Though freeform designs are more expensive than a straight line model per gallon, a freeform brings character and personality to your pool space.


The kidney shape is a classic pool design and a fabulous choice for a natural design. A kidney pool is also a great solution for tighter spaces. Often times, lot lines, building set backs, or even steep grade changes can limit the space available for a pool. A kidney shape can be placed up tight against these restraints and fill in a corner of the site. This allows the remainder of the space to be used to access the pool and create living area towards the house.


Modern pools have unique designs with various features and entry points. Available In medium and large in sizes, a modern pool can fit in a broad variety of space types. If you are creating a more traditional back yard, natural, or a contemporary flavored space, a modern style will bring a wow to your new poolscape.


Small plunge pools are not new to the pool industry. Plunge pool designs have become more stylish recently and now offer more functionality than ever before. When cannon balls are not part of the equation, less is certainly more making them the fastest growing sector in the pool industry. There is nothing more satisfying than cooling off or having a few friends over for a beverage and cook out in your own plunge pool. Our plunges are available in free form and square flavors and can be much more economical than larger family pools. Many families even heat their pools up in the winter months to enjoy them as a large spa or 'Spool.'


Adding a spa is a great way to add WOW to any pool space. They can be installed at the same level as your pool or be elevated if you would like a spillover effect. If an automatic cover is a part of your project the spa can even be set below the tracks, to allow the pool and spa to be covered together. Spas can be plumbed for seasonal or year-round use and are built to order with your pool to ensure a perfect match.


Ledge and Lounger pools are the newest class to the fiberglass pool market. They provide an amazing space to just lay in the water while you sun tan, a place to enjoy your favorite lounge chairs, and can be a great area to let small children navigate the pool on their own. Installing bubbler jets on a tanning ledge can add a classy element to the pool and your new back yard living space. Though some lounges may consume a larger area of the pool space, many families find that just hanging out in the shallower water is their new favorite pastime and an easy place to relax.


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