What Makes A Luxury Fiberglass Pool Affordable

Over 60% of your entire project is already manufactured in a factory controlled environment. This greatly improves production efficiency and lowers your cost. What's left after making the pool is installation, which is much easier with fiberglass pools. And typically the wait to your first swim is shorter compared to vinyl and gunite (concrete) installations. We realize you are going to have questions and this is an important decision for you and your family. If you would like to speak to a Luxury Pools and Living specialist please call 614.890.POOL or send an inquiry today, a fiberglass inground pool expert will contact you as soon as possible.

One of the main ways Luxury Pools and Living is able to maintain a high level of efficiency is by plumbing and lighting our pools prior to install. This is easily a days worth of work that is done before we ever get to your home.

Matthew of Luxury Pools and Living gives you a tour of what a fiberglass swimming pool installation should consist of. From pool steps and features, design / layout, to concrete, to equipment, to water features we cover it. Matthew goes in depth on each component - how we install it and why. Please excuse the WIND - It's a bit noisy, but hopefully you find this helpful.

Fiberglass gelcoat makes owning and maintenance on a swimming pool a breeze. This video will demonstrate just how easy it is. The nonporous finish will not stain, hold algae, or fade.


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