Why Do Pool Molds Matter?

A fiberglass swimming pool is only as good as the mold it is built from. The quality of the mold directly affects the finish of the pool as well as the structure of the pool itself. The mold must be straight for the pool to be straight and true. It takes a perfect mold to make a perfect pool.

We all want a straight pool and most manufactures claim to create true pools. If the mold is not true it will produce an untrue pool forcing the pool installer to torque and manipulate the shell during installation. This is obviously not ideal and that is assuming the pool can be torqued. In most situations, our pools are too thick and strong to torqued. If a pool is manipulated it can compromise the structural integrity of the fiberglass shell when as little as 50 tons of water is put in it. The twist and torque on the structure will be fine for a period of time until it fails causing significant structural problems down the road.

So why risk it? Ask if the mold is laser leveled, and is the pool true. Some manufacturers knowingly produce swimming pools that are out of level and not straight because they do not care for their molds. They offer these pools at a discount and through distributors to dealers with instructions on how to install the pool. They go on to build these pools thin and with less fiberglass to make for easier bending and manipulation- furthering profits. Leveling with jacks and levers is a sign that the pool is not true and straight.

Having a perfect mold is not the end of the conversation. Maintaining and caring for the pool mold is critical to ensure perfect pools and clean finishes. Keeping the mold buffed, polished, waxed, and free from foreign materials is of the utmost importance. With time and use, molds will also develop microscopic cracks that can be visible in the pools it produces. Constant upkeep and maintenance are vital to insuring perfect pools. Think about the finishes and lines of a Corvette, Porsche or Ferrari. They look and are perfect because the molds that are used to create them are perfect.

careful maintenance for a pool mold is important
a pool molds structure ultimately determines how good a pools structure will be

All of the molds used for Luxury Pools are made with steel substructures rather than using wood. Steel is very rigid and resists flexing or moving. It maintains its trueness with use, movement, and season changes. Though cheaper wood members change with atmospheric conditions and can change their shape from day to day changing the pool that is being produced from day to day.


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