Luxury Pools Closing Form

The cost of a pool closing is $349.00 (plus tax), and must be prepaid after pool closing form submission. Pools with spa vessels will be an additional $165.00 (plus tax)

Here is what is included in your pool closing:

  • Removal of all ladders, handrails, etc.
  • Winterize pump - remove plugs and store in strainer basket.
  • Remove unused chlorine tablets and dispose.
  • Winterize filter housing - filter will be treated with a cartridge filter detergent and power washed on site and left at equipment pad. Please store filter in a covered area over winter.
  • Winterize salt chlorine generator, clean salt cell with acid mixture and reinstall.
  • Winterize heater / heat pump.
  • Remove wall return eyeballs (stored in pump strainer basket) and skimmer basket(s).
  • Blow water out of all plumbing lines with air (including slides and water features) and install your solid winter plugs.
  • Blow air into skimmer and install your 'gizzmo'.
  • Blow air into drains and air lock lines.
  • Turn off any unused breakers and disable timer(s).
  • Add winterization chemical pack to pool water.
  • Clean up tools and trash.
  • Install winter cover.(If you choose to do this yourself, subtract $40)
  • Auto Covers:
    • Adjust open/close
    • Visual inspection of entire mechanism, advised to any parts needing replaced and, depending on availability, replacing on the spot.

What is NOT included:

  • Coming back out because of locked gates or to install a cover that was not left out.
  • Testing and balancing water chemistry.
  • Vacuuming / cleaning / getting leaves out / detailing the pool.
  • Any winterizing plugs, gizmo or antifreeze that are needed and not on site will be charged to the customer - water sheers will require 1 gallon antifreeze per sheer.

*349.00 (and additional $165.00 for spa vessels) is before options and tax and based on clients within 50 miles. $1.25 per mile one way will be charged to clients after 50 miles, along with any extra and additional materials needed during the closing.

We are unable to schedule specific days or times for closing.
You will be scheduled for a specific week only.
No call aheads can be provided.
No "training" provided. Our techs are not equipped or qualified to train you on closing procedures.
Learn how to close your pool with a winter cover here -> Part 1 | Part 2
Learn how to close your pool with a retractable cover here -> Part 1

** Due to weather, construction schedule, number of closings, proximity of closings to one another, etc. We are unable to schedule specific days and/or times of closings. Please have pool ready for closings by Sunday before your scheduled week.

If you are scheduling a late season closing please keep your pool running during all freezing temperatures. If you turn your pump off significant and catastrophic freeze damage may result.

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