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Matthew of Luxury Pools and Living gives you a tour of what a fiberglass pool installation should consists of. From pool steps and features, design / layout, to concrete, to equipment, to water features we cover it. Matthew goes in depth on each component - how we install it and why. Please excuse the WIND- It's a bit noisy but hopefully you find this helpful.

One of the main ways Luxury Pools and Living is able to maintain a high level of efficiency is by plumbing and lighting our fiberglass pools prior to install. This is easily a days worth of work that is done before we ever get to your home.

Installing a fiberglass pool in the Fall and Winter can make a lot of sense. Stable weather, frozen ground, less demand for resources such as gravel and concrete make the job smoother. It can be harder to work in the winter BUT you have a much better chance of being complete and ready to swim when summer arrives.

Bringing heavy equipment like trucks and track hoes into your back yard can be hard on your yard and even driveway. At Luxury Pools and Living we have some unique ways to help lessen the damage and make your clean up a lot easier.

A common question from customers is what will the swimming pool look like when your doing the concrete and done with the grading work. Here is a typical project.

This video put together for us by the swimming pool owner shows a good example of how we handle installing pools in VERY small yards.

In this video we document and explain the shortfalls of this fiberglass pool and it's installation. After a structural failure, it was removed and replaced with a Luxury Pool. We also dispel the myth of fiberglass pools just popping out of the ground.

When future pool owners are researching pools often they wonder 'What happens when the pool freezes'? I'm not sure why folks think a fiberglass pool would not work in freezing climates. If you have ever made ICE cubes in a tray you have done this yourself already!!


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