The truth about concrete pool aprons.

The truth about concrete pool aprons.

fiberglass swimming pool concrete apron core thickness
4" concrete core taken
16" away from waters edge.
It's 11" tall.
Not all concrete is created equal. Most swimming pool companies want to package the pool with a 3' or 4' apron with a broom finish slab typically poured at around 4" thick. They say it's for "your convenience" and because they like to "Include it." Here's the truth. It's a great place to hide money in the swimming pool project and makes comparing pool prices more difficult.

Besides helping them cloud the real cost of their swimming pool, leading a customer into a 3' to 4' apron is just mean. First, the sins of a broom finish slab may be OK on the driveway or front sidewalk, but typically are not acceptable around a pool. Second, 3'-4' is not enough apron for most people and a when they realize it, it's too late. When we quote you a concrete apron, we spell it out.

  1. Our swimming pools are installed with a cantilever slab. That means the concrete slab actually sits on top of the pool shell. It has a chiseled edge stone profile and looks much cleaner and finished.
  2. Our aprons are 8" minimum thickness at the swimming pool and taper to 4" thick over the first 3' of the concrete. This is much more concrete than others use, but it is serves as a lateral structural beam. We believe it is necessary for a lifetime installation of your pool.
  3. Rebar: We install 1/2" rebar in all of our aprons that literally connects or "ties" the slab to the fiberglass pool shell.
  4. Steel: All of our slabs included steel reinforcing.
  5. Texturing: All of our aprons have a texture or stone stamping in their surface. Decorative concrete may be more complicated to install but gives your swimming pool project the WOW factor it deserves.
  6. Sealing: All of our aprons are sealed with a clear sealer that can include an anti-slip additive.

These above and beyond do cost more, but we believe they are important to the project. No matter how beautiful the swimming pool is, a cheap concrete job can ruin the whole project.

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