The PRACTICAL benefits of fiberglass pools

The PRACTICAL benefits of fiberglass pools

As I talk to customers each day about the benefits of fiberglass vs. vinyl swimming pools I find myself sometimes just saying the words and not really thinking about the TRUE benefits of fiberglass. Sure the whole easy maintenance thing is a huge and REAL benefit as are the integrated bench seats and stairs, as is the gorgeous color! But the real benefit to most clients is the sheer durability. It most cases it's taken for complete granted or not even realized until they own the swimming pool. What do I mean? Read on.

wind blew furniture into fiberglass pool

Random stuff in the swimming pool. Sure sticks and other debris get in the in-ground pool but what about furniture? No problem with fiberglass. This sounds funny, but it happens on a regular basis. This bar set was blown into this pool during a recent storm and beyond the hassle of getting it and the glass out of the fiberglass pool, the pool itself was fine. Had this been a vinyl pool it likely would have been a very different outcome. It probably would have required a new liner and BEST case would have been a patch job (which is a huge eyesore and collects dirt and algae). It would come down to how hard the impact was latterly and how much water leaked out before it was fixed. If it was more than a day before it was fixed the inground pool may have been near empty and new liner would be a must.

too much chlorine will destroy a pool filter

Chemical damage! Despite the super stable nature of the water chemistry in a fiberglass pool some clients forget or don't pay close enough attention to their water and things can get out of whack. This picture is of a filter media that has suffered exposure to SOOO much chlorine that the top rubber part is actually melting. It seems that someone thought the salt chlorinator control panel was the "heater controller." In an attempt to turn the pool temp up to 87F the actually turned the CHL generator up to 87% power setting. It ran for weeks with the cover closed and by the time anyone noticed it the CHL was so high it burnt your eyes to get near the pool. This ruined some tile work and probably the filter but the pool is totally fine. With a vinyl pool this would have been NEW liner! In other words. It would have been an $8,000 mistake.

fiberglass pool infested with algae
Super chlorination to save the day

The last benefit is kind of the same as the above but controlled. In the Midwest it is not uncommon to open our in-ground pools and find MAJOR algae. Sometimes to the extent that you can't see through the water to the first step. Yuck! We have our customers shock the pool anywhere from 30 to 50 PPM Chlorine. The pool is usually clean and clear in one day. This is not possible with a vinyl pool. That high of a concentration would ruin the liner. Instead, a softer shock over more days is the only safe way to clear a vinyl pool. That sometimes can take up to two weeks. Not so for can shock away and swim in as little as a day.

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