Rule Cover Pumps – What is going on?!?!

Rule Cover Pumps – What is going on?!?!
rule solid pool cover pump
Rule Cover

As many of you know the last couple of years have been rough for the owners of Rule pumps. After being the undisputed leader in small pumps from boats to pools the decision was made by Rule's parent company to move the operation to Mexico. Thought this was done in a discrete fashion with almost no one in the industry knowing, the fallout was anything but quite.

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From approximately 2009 and on the cover pumps that were manufactured in Mexico have run at a near 100% failure rate. This has left the swimming pool industry in a state of near shock and desperate for a replacement. Good news pool nation it's here. Introducing the Little Giant! Though a bit bigger and not quite as aesthetically pleasing, this pump definitely lives up to its name- It's a Little Giant.

little giant solid pool cover pump
Little Giant
Cover Pump

For those of you that have not had a pump fail- Congratulations. Just in case you do, there are just a couple easy steps to get a replacement pump. Simply call Rule at 978-281-0573. Give them your name and info as well as the alpha-numeric code on the side of the pump- and presto. They will send a replacement right out.

Thought this hardly makes up for the inconvenience of having a pump fail or worse yet a cover or pool damaged, it is nice that they are standing behind their product and are now really trying to make it easy for customers to get warranty claims processed.


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