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Most Popular Pool Depth. Not deep?

Most Popular Pool Depth. Not deep?

One important consideration when selecting your swimming pool and designing your living space is how you're going to use it. For most people the pool is a place to cool off and socialize with friends. Despite that many people when they initially come to us thinking about their new in ground pool they tend to focus on wanting a DEEP pool because they have tall friends. On the surface you would tend to think that if you and your friends are average height (5-8 to 5-10) you would want a pool that is at least that depth plus a foot or so. Not necessarily the case. What many customers don't realize is that when they get in the pool and hang out (which is most of what your pool will be used for) the natural tendency is to congregate in an area that is waist to chin deep.

pool party in the shallow end of pool
Party in whichever end you want to

This picture is a Moroccan 34 we built with a deck on deck cover / splash pad. There are nine adults in the pool, and they are all hanging out in the shallow end of the near and on the stairs/ bench seats and just standing in the 4'-8" of water despite the other 20' of pool to the deep end. For the bulk of the hang-out time DEEP doesn't matter.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't have or want a deep end of some sort. All of our pool have a deep end. It simply needs to be deep enough to make those long underwater push off laps that are soooo refreshing and do to the occasional cannonball. The relationship between your height and the depth of the pool is completely irrelevant. A 6' former football player can cannonball into a 6' deep end all day without any problem and will likely stand in the 4'-6" area when it's time to have a beverage.

Happy Swimming!!

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