How much does a fiberglass pool cost?

How much does a fiberglass pool cost?

Next to "Why should I buy a fiberglass pool?" The second most common question I get is, "How much does a fiberglass pool cost?" A simple question but, unfortunately, not so simple of an answer. The purchase of a swimming pool can be similar to that of a car. Most of us have purchased several cars and are somewhat familiar with that process.

See our new 'Fiberglass Pool Estimate Generator.' This app will quote out a budget range for each portion of your project.

Base Price

Cars typically have a base starting price and separate pricing for features and options. Similarly, swimming pools have a base price and options that go with them. First understand that most of the costs to install a pool are fixed. The cost of the fiberglass shell, delivery, the equipment package, plumbing, control center, lighting, most of the labor, and permits are nearly always the same. The variables associated with the "base price" of a swimming pool are modest and based on the existing site:

  • Access – Do we have the space needed to back a truck to the hole?

    tight access for fiberglass pool
    Tight access will cost more
    • If not how are we going to get the soil from the site and backfill material to the site?
    • If so how far are we going to be hauling the soil?
    • Will a crane be needed to lift the pool over the house (Your neighbors will think this is awesome!!) or will we be able to use a track excavator?
  • Conditions – What's back there now?

    • Is the fiberglass swimming pool going to be installed on a flat area?
    • If not, how much are we going to build up the site?
    • Will retaining walls be needed?
    • Are the mechanicals such as electric, overhead or buried underground, we need to move? (We move electric all the time and is actually easier than you might think)

Once we determine what obstacles we will need to overcome (if any) we can determine the base price of the swimming pool. Now unlike the base price of a car which includes almost NO features, we included almost all the upgrades you should have with your new pool:

  • High efficiency self priming pump, cartridge filter, home run lines to the pool, separate valves on all lines, diverter valves, unions on all equipment, subpanel with control center, and automatic chlorinator. We also pre-plumb for anything you could want to add. i.e. heater, salt system, water feature (fountain or slide), or cleaning system.
  • Your probably thinking "That's a lot of features and not really a base install." And you're correct. Think of them like power windows, cruise control, CD player, air conditioning, tilt wheel, power seats, remote keyless entry, ect. ect. These are the items you could buy a car without but would regret down the road.

The base price for one of our pools runs between $32,000-$62,000 depending on the pool size and the site factors.

Concrete Apron

tie in to existing patio space to get more efficiency from your new swimming pool
Tying in to existing patio is an efficient use of space

The concrete is second most important part of your swimming pool project. Next to the stunning color of our fiberglass pools, nothing makes the pool WOW factor like the concrete that goes around it. And nothing is harder to 'Apples to Apples' compare than concrete work. We separate our concrete costs from the rest of the pool for a few reasons.

First we want you to see what it is you're buying. We do a lot more than the average "concrete guy" and list them on our proposals. Second, I have never had two clients do the exact same apron, and therefore need to estimate each one individually. Different designs of stamp patterns and colors have different costs. Third, some people want to do their own concrete or have someone they would like to use. No problem. By providing the concrete estimate separate we show you the REAL cost of both the swimming pool and concrete. That said, most of our customers spend between $8,000-$20,000 on their concrete.

Total Costs

Now that we have talked price ranges, let's talk more specific costs. The average residential pool is approximately 15'x30'. In 2009 our average fiberglass pool customer spent around $38,000. Some customers purchased smaller pools with a lot of concrete, some customers bought larger pools with a smaller apron or maybe a fence. Bottom line, the average is somewhere in the mid $40k's for a small to medium size swimming pool. With this in mind, give some thought to what you have to spend on your project. The more honest and realistic you are about your budget, the easier will make the design process. When we ask about your budget, it's not a trick to see what we can get out of you. Having an understanding your expectations and budget will help all of us determine the feasibility of the project and how to design it.

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